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Dynamic QR Codes
Edit and change your QR codes anytime.
Scan Statistics
Track your QR codes and get insights of scans.
Bulk Creation and Editing
Create and edit many QR codes in no time.
Structure and organize your QR codes in campaigns.
More Design Options
Create transparent QR codes and reusable design templates.
How it works?


Set QR Code Content

Begin with choosing the content type to be at the top of your QR code, this content can be URL, Email, VCards, etc. Once you have selected the type, you will notice the form will update its fields accordingly.

Customize Design

To make your QR code look unique, you need to set a custom design for it. The colors, corners and the body of the QR code can be customized, and that's not it, you can also add a logo to your QR codes.

Generate QR Code

Set the pixel resolution of your QR code with the slider. Once done, click the "Create QR Code" button to see your QR Code preview. Check the QR Code once by scanning it to ensure it is working fine.


You’re all set to go! Now you may download the image files for your QR code as PNG, SVG, PDF or EPS vector graphics.

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Looking for a QR code generator to scale up your business? You are in the right place. We are helping millions of business owners to boost up. They have designed branded QR codes for them and their sales went sky high! You can be the next business owner who makes good profit by using our QR Codes!

Key Features and Benefits

QR Dady is a professional platform for management of QR codes, here you can create, track and edit your QR codes. And with options like images and logo placement, you can create the branded QR Codes to give your business a new facelift without any scan limits. So what are you waiting for? Start now!

Have a look on the key features of QR Dady :

  • Branded QR Codes which includes your logo
  • QR codes with No Limitations
  • Design the QR code yourself
  • Get high resolution QR codes for Printing
  • Vector formats QR codes
  • Our QR Codes comes with Zero usability cost


QR Code stands for Quick Response Code and is a barcode type that was invented in 1994 by Masahiro Hara from the Japanese company Denso Wave.

Yes, all our QR codes are free and can be used for commercial purposes.

The Codes we generate for you do not expire and will work forever!

No, there is no limit. Scan it as many times as you wish!

Your privacy is important for us, therefore, We do not save or reuse your data in any form.

Not all QR code scanners follow the official vCard standard which results in mixed up contact fields. Please try another QR code scanner app for better results.
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